Bertech is a leading supplier of ESD products, Tapes and Soldering products to the Auto, Electronics, Industrial and Medical industries. Some of our products include ESD table and  anti fatigue floor mats, ESD and Conductive gloves, ESD Bags, Finger Cots, Kapton tapes, Masking tapes, Solder Pots, Tweezers, Ultrasonic Cleaners and other production supplies.

ESD products are primarily used to prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from electrostatic charge. Static control is critical during electronic manufacturing and that is where we can help, whether you need ESD Table Mats, ESD Floor Mats... Order Now!

Kapton Tapes are made from DuPont Kapton HN general purpose film. It has been used in applications at temperatures as low as -269C (-452F) and as high as 260C (500F). Kapton HN is the recommended choice for applications that require a polyimide film... Order Now!

Masking Products, which include Masking Tapes and Masking Discs, are used for masking during solder wave processing in the Electronic industry and powder coating in industrial applications. Masking Tapes are also used in shipping and packaging for... Order Now!

Our gloves are used in Automotive, Construction, Electronic, Industrial, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Some of our gloves are Cleanroom Gloves, Cotton Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Driver Gloves, ESD Safe Gloves, Inspection Gloves... Order Now!

Finger Cots are ideal for handling small parts where a full glove is not required. Most of our finger cots are Anti Static and Powder free for Cleanroom, Electronic, Industrial and Medical applications. Finger Cots are available as Latex Finger Cots... Order Now!

Titanium and Stainless Steel Tweezers are made by the craftsmen with generations of experience. Each tweezer is finished by hand in our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility. They are primarily used in the Electronic manufacturing, Hospitals, etc... Order Now!



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